Rocket League Patch Notes

Rocket League Patch Notes

However, with any online game of this size, especially one that uses dedicated servers, there can be some problems. Rocket League is no different with many players reporting lag and other network related issues since launch. These have not been constant problems like we have seen with some other game launches, with lag popping up sporadically, and on different servers. Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League, is fighting back though, offering players a new way to keep them informed of issues as they happen. A new reporting tool has been created that will allow players to give the developer feedback in regards to how the game is running. The way it works is, if you experience a laggy match, jump onto this tool and fill out the info, which includes your region, the average ping time, and the server name, along with how the problem appeared in-game. Once they have this info, combined with hopefully hundreds of other reports, they can track down the problems and get them fixed quickly. The one catch is that they only want up-to-date info, so try not to report matches that are older than an hour.


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Most of what I discuss will be directed toward the 3v3 playlist. I watched the entirety of the presentation from Joshua Menke, which was well done, and well thought out. I had a few issues with a couple points he made, but for the most part it made sense and was very thoroughly researched and backed up with demonstrations and examples of his system found in many competitive games.

For those of you who don’t have a spare hour to watch it, I’ll summarise a few of the highlights. The presentation focuses on ranking systems and how they’re based. Progression systems tend to have upwards trends that solely rely on play time or experience, not the technical skill of the players, like you might find in RPG games. Skill based systems are the more competitive scoreboard or esports based systems that are about who performs better out of a series of matches or games.

There’s been a lot of controversy over ranked this season, and I’ll discuss that as well after a few points from the presentation. The majority of Menke’s system is based on the principle of 3: He also showed that the ranks should be decided based on a bell curve of the playerbase, which we’ve seen Psyonix display and alter in the past, specifically early in season 3.

Issues finding match : RocketLeague

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Developer Platinum Games bundles the game with numerous goodies not associated with the original console version, including graphical enhancements and three DLC packages that were separate console purchases—all at a reasonable price.

You may only stray away from the rules if both teams agree, and it doesn’t allow a free walk through the round. If a change has had to be made, please note this to a Tournament Admin, so they are able to take this into consideration. Platforms To make it fair for every platform, we alternate platforms every 2 weeks. We will also switch playlists every 2 weeks. How many players can enter? We allow 2 players to play on the field, 1 substitute.

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Almost two years after its summer launch, the game is still selling well, and its user base is showing no signs of shrinking anytime soon. Popularity comes with a price, however, and In Rocket League’s case, the game’s servers can’t quite keep up with demand. Ongoing server performance issues have hampered the title for some time, prompting Psyonix Studios CEO Dave Hagewood to write a lengthy blog post regarding the current situation.

We sincerely apologize to all of our players for the quality of online play, and we are focusing all of our available resources on addressing PsyNet’s capabilities and performance, and the quality of our game servers. Hagewood goes on to outline the server problems and what can be done to fix them, before concluding: Some of the issues we face will be addressed shortly, including those in our next hotfix; while other projects, like growing our Online Services team, will take more time to bear fruit.

When matches involve competent players, it’s a joy to watch:

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Psyonix Apologizes for Recent ‘Rocket League’ Server Issues, Talks Switch Port

Mac and Linux Beta are now available! This allows you to tailor your car differently based on which team you end up on! You can now create up to ten Car Presets that save a specific car configuration for easy access.

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Rocket League down Current problems and outages

Improved Party Skill Rating Our new solution does a better job of fixing the problems at hand. Previously, that combination would have averaged out to roughly Challenger II-level. Under the new system, they will be considered a Challenger Elite party. A Grand Champion player and an Unranked player party up. Previously, they would have matched asRising Star, and the Grand Champion could earn skill rating despite playing lower-ranked players. This pairing will now match as Grand Champion.

Players use the ball to mark tiles on the opposing’s side of the field while the ball is electrified; marked tiles are then removed from the field when the electrified ball hits them, or marked tiles in contact with it, creating a goal for the team.

Free sign up cp newsletter! Beginning with the matchmaking problems, devs have noted that this is apparently one issue that has become more prominent just recently. Still, even if these matchmaking issues are relatively new, that does not make them any more pleasant to deal with for the players. In order to properly fix matchmaking, developers have already implemented some changes specifically meant to minimize instances wherein players were asked to endure extended waits just to get into a game.

More substantial tweaks may also come later in the year as the people working on the issue learn more about what is actually causing it. The people working on “Rocket League” have also noticed the issues that could cause the game to lag in some spots for players brought about by the server not working as intended. Obviously, a problem such as that is not a good one to have for any game, even more so for one that is predicated on providing fast-paced action.

First off, developers have shared that they are still looking further into these server issues to better understand what is behind them. They are also planning to roll out a new hotfix for the game that will be specifically designed to improve how servers perform whenever players are engaged in a “Dropshot” match. Developers have also thanked fans for their continued support of the game even amidst these issues.

Rocket League Patch Available Now, Details Included

Comments Shares The legendary arcade quarter-eater Tekken has come to PC for the first time with Tekken 7, which is out on Steam as of yesterday. I was pleased to see Tekken 7 running at 60 fps which it’s locked to at x on Ultra settings on my GTX It includes a good set of standard graphics settings, as well as little extras such as an FPS counter. Unfortunately, while ultrawide resolutions can be selected in fullscreen mode, they result in black bars.

Tekken 7 completely lacks any kind of mouse support.

He had his wits, his skills, and most of all his ambitions.

Starting in September, Rocket League Season 6 has seen players competing to rise up the leagues from Bronze right up to Grand Champion. Just like Season 5 , players earn various rewards when the season ends, usually in the form of banners which they can display to show off their credentials. Unlike other Rocket League trading items, these banners cannot be traded. It was initially rumoured that players may get their banners as soon as they unlocked the next reward level. Prior to the start of Rocket League Season 6, Psyonix said: Rocket League Season 6 rewards Psyonix has yet to reveal the Rocket League Season 6 rewards, but players are expecting much more than banners.

Rocket League Season 6 end date The developer has confirmed that the latest season will end in early , but a specific date has not been given. Season 5 started on July 5 and finished near the end of September to coincide with the Autumn update. When does Rocket League Season 7 start? Rewards for Season 7 will be confirmed shortly.

Rocket League tournament update live

Over 38 million of you have played more than two billion matches since we launched back in , and with Rocket League China coming online via our first closed beta test, Soccar is about to go fully worldwide. The game we all love just keeps getting bigger! We had the pleasure of welcoming a whole new set of fans from the Nintendo Switch community – a huge milestone not just for us at Psyonix, but also for Rocket League as a game and an esport. All of this growth has brought new challenges as well.

The first issue is game server performance.

The following Boost Trails have received a visual upgrade:

By Ryan McCaffrey The Halo series has the historic distinction of inspiring millions of gamers to spend hundreds of dollars on new consoles just to play it. The Master Chief Collection — which includes all four numbered entries in the series — is a great reminder that Halo succeeded not because of hype or flavor-of-the-month popularity, but because of timeless first-person shooter design. Exit Theatre Mode The fan service begins right at the main menu: I jumped straight to the star of the Master Chief Collection: Admittedly, the new facade is a bit rough around the edges — I saw occasional frozen enemies, some framerate dips, and a few long loading screens that jarringly interrupt the pace as the impressive new cutscenes cue up.

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Rocket League (Switch)

Originally posted by Lithari: Originally posted by FunkyJonesy: I completely agree, although I always pair up with a friend at similar skill level. The problem I have is that we go against one team and win and then another and get completely destroyed.

Flagged players are restricted to games with other cheaters, as “the Wimbledon of aimbot contests”.

Windjammers and Rocket League. It’s hard not to compare the launch of this sphere slingin’ sports title with Psyonix’s soccer cars — it’s launching as a PlayStation Plus freebie and is even structured similarly to the iconic indie, after all. Unfortunately, while the gameplay loop’s pretty good, the polish isn’t quite there. Much like the aforementioned, its visuals look washed out despite it running on the excellent Unreal Engine 4 — and everything from the menus to the character designs feel half-baked.

It’s almost like the developer needed an extra artist and visual effects boffin on its team to take things to the next level. Still, the action is enjoyable.

Rocket League 1v1: Banned From Matchmaking!!!

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